“I love writing but hate marketing.” I hear those words from many authors. I didn’t pay them much heed because, up until recently, I was only writing. But writing leads to publication. Publication leads to marketing. Marketing leads to self-promotion.

To further exasperate that situation, I’ve had three releases in four months. I would have loved them to be six months apart, but that isn’t the way it happened. So here I am—posting memes and promos. Facebook, Twitter, and new-to-me Instagram. With each post, I feel less and less like a writer. I post them wondering how many people are as tired of seeing them as I am of posting them.

A friend who read my newest release, The Least of These, sent me a link to an old interview with Rich Mullens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTiPg7p2FxU . She sent it because his statement about having deep compassion for others reminded her of my book. However, when I listened to his words, I knew they were exactly what I needed to hear. Are my goals and ambitions born of the flesh or born of the spirit? The goal doesn’t need to change, but the motive may.

You may remember Rich Mullins. He tragically died in an auto accident years ago, but his legacy of music lives on. Even while I say that, Mullins didn’t want his legacy to be music. He explains in this interview that life isn’t valuable because we’re good people or generous to others. His life was not valuable because he was a great musician. Mine is not valuable because I’m a writer. Those are fleshly goals, not spirit-filled goals. When we empty ourselves of all fleshly things, Christ in us is all that remains. Oh, how wonderful that sounds.

My internal struggles prompted me to pull a small book from my shelf—Humility, True Greatness, by C.J. Mahoney. I read it years ago, but am revisiting it. I’ll still write. I’ll still promote so people will read. But my prayer is to do all things to the glory of Jesus Christ, that you may look upon my work and see Him shining through. Please make that your prayer for me.

Take a moment to listen to Rich Mullen (link above). I’m a writer, but his words are much more distinguished than mine.

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