Hello Friends,

I’m happy to announce a limited time sale for digital copies of Though the Mountains Be Shaken. You can order your Kindle copy for 99 cents today through July 20th. It currently has 4.97 / 5.0 reviews. Many of you know that my journey with Parkinsons prompted me to write this book.

Look what people are saying.

“This is an absolutely incredible book that I could barely put down. Ms. Neely gives tremendous insight as to how devastating circumstances can rock a marriage to its foundation, yet love, faith, and commitment can triumph. This is the first book I have read by this author, and I quickly purchased all the rest of her novels. I highly recommend this book.” Amazon review

“I rarely denote a five-star review for novels, as I reserve that rating for exceptional books. …
I ultimately decided to rate the book high because of the literary excellence of the work. Neely’s understanding of Parkinson’s was well handled, perhaps from her own personal experience with the disease. I also thought her treatment of the courtroom scenes was realistic and well done.” Amazon review

You will find a purchase link under the BOOKS tab on this website. If you read it, kindly post a review on Amazon, Goodreads,, and/or Bookbub.







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