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It’s been a while since I posted. Summer has a delightful way of usurping routines. But fall is in the air, school is back in session, and most vacations are now a memory.

Thank you for all who came out to my book signing at M. Judson’s in July. It was a delightful day. I had three books available. I’d like to take a moment to share about my newest release, The Least of These.

Scott Harrington is a journalist. He hopes to win a prestigious award and his father’s respect. A documentary on the lives of three homeless men requires him to go undercover, living among them on the streets of Pittsburgh. He wants to learn their story. What life events led them to this place? What are the dynamics of the homeless culture? What services are offered? If he accomplishes his goal, readers will see inside each man, see more than a homeless vagrant. Scott never expected that their stories would hit close to the guilty secret of his own past.

Claire Bassett’s husband has gone missing. Following a tragic event, he disappeared a year ago. Her search has been futile. She doesn’t know if he’s dead or alive. She now finds herself a single mother of two children. Finances are crippling so she moves in with her parents and takes a part-time job. The attention of another man fills an emotional need and she struggles with a decision. Should she move on with her life or continue searching for her husband?

As Scott delves deeper into the lives of three men, he finds tragedy, trauma, and hopelessness. But what if he can offer hope? When Scott and Claire’s stories intersect, will there be restoration or rejection?

                          Here’s what people are saying:   

From the prologue’s poignant quote of Matthew 25:37-40, “Lord, when did we see you hungry?” to the last sentence in the epilogue, the reader is taken on a journey to the land of the homeless. We witness Scott’s struggle between using these human beings to further his ambition as a writer or allowing himself to feel their pain and take on their cause. Stella, the feisty, hard-working owner of a café proves the perfect foil to Neely’s Scott. The twists are just enough that you don’t see them coming. The ending is satisfying and the supporting characters are well-rounded. A beautiful book that delivers a punch to the heart. ~~~Suzy Parish, author of Flowers from Afghanistan

This book clearly illustrates that the homeless and forgotten are real people who have endured real trauma. The chief cause of homelessness is the traumatic and devastating loss of family and community. This story puts faces and names to those society chooses to ignore. Well written and highly recommended. ~~~Allen Madding, author of Shaken Awake and advocate for the homeless

You can order your copy at https://pbgrp.link/2MleTP2 . Don’t forget to post a review.

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