Meet my colleague Buffy Andrews. Buffy has been a journalist for nearly 30 years, most of those spent as an editor. She has judged the Pulitzers twice and has had more than 15 books published. When she isn’t working for USA TODAY NETWORK, she writes women’s fiction, young adult and middle grade.

Q. What inspired you to write The Stone Giver?
A. A friend. I recently appeared on Preach the Word Network Books of the Month program. Watch the video to learn the entire story.
Q. What do you do when you need to think or are stuck in your writing?
A. I run. For some reason it frees my mind and I often find that it provides the clarity and direction I need.  
Q. Are you one of those people who stop writing while you know what’s coming next?
A. Absolutely. Just like Hemingway. Does it always work out? No. But it’s what I aim for.
Q. First person or third?
A. It depends. I write in both. And sometimes I write alternating POVs.
Q. Coffee or tea?
A. Coffee — a lots of it!
Q. What are you most proud of?
A. My sons and the fine young men they have become.
Q. What’s next for you?
A. I have a new book coming out, The Perfect Husband, on June 4.
Thank you, Buffy, for joining us today. Let’s take a sneak Peek at The Stone Giver.
The Stone Giver
When a stone is thrown…ripples are created…
A woman who has lost her way. A man crippled by war. What brings them together also pulls them apart.
Zara Peede’s growing feelings for her patient, soldier Jack Quinlan, scare the Walter Reed Medical Center nurse. Jack, a double amputee, is as wounded in spirit as he is in body.
Jack’s pain reflects her own grief for her lost brother, a fellow soldier who died in Afghanistan. Does she truly care for Jack, or are both of them just searching for someone to hold onto through their pain?
To find out—and in search of her purpose—Zara flees, leaving Jack with only a note and a gift she doesn’t fully understand herself. A stone.
When Zara and Jack reconnect at an event in New York, they discover that some ripples last a lifetime. Will theirs?

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