Hello Friends,

I love this time of year—fall colors, pumpkin scented candles, and the anticipation of holidays ahead. Living thankfully is not relegated to one day in the year, but I’m glad that a special day was set aside. It provides a reminder when my guilty heart forgets the goodness of life and the glory of God.

As we culminate a study on the book of Romans, this week we looked at Romans 16, Paul’s final words in his letter. There may be a tendency to gloss over this section due to the unpronounceable names, but here’s what I was reminded of. With the whole beautiful letter to the Romans behind him, this ending puts feet to his message. The unpronounceable people are the reason Paul was able to continue his work. In fact, people are the reason for Paul’s work.

Here is a challenge that was set before me. Can I name 26 people (the same number that Paul mentioned) who helped me along my journey of faith, who worked alongside me, who supported and encouraged me? As I thought of names, images of sweet faces and wonderful memories filled my mind.

This Thanksgiving, as I recall the things I’m thankful for, people will top my list. Like you, I have encouragers and naysayers, helpful and needy, joyful and grouchy. Jesus considered each one worthy of his blood. The people that top my list of blessings, far exceeds the challenge of 26.

Thank you for being in my life. It’s richer because of you.

Wishing you a blessed day of joyful Thanksgiving,


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