Hello Friends,

Hoping that this finds you well. We are still remaining close to home, but have relaxed a little. I’m planning a trip to Florida sometime next month. Stephen, my middle son, lives in Tampa. He’s moved since I last visited, and I want to see his new place. It will prove to be a quiet trip, void of the usual sight-seeing excursions.

I promised you an update when I had news on True North. Drum roll, please—the release date is scheduled for July 6, 2021. I know that sounds like forever, but it is coming. Here’s a teaser blurb for now:

Mallory Rose Carter lives with a secret that her family has never spoken aloud in twelve years. Following a teenage pregnancy, she falsified a birth certificate after her home birth. She forged her sister’s name and turned her baby over to her. Mallory moved away, isolating herself from her family so she wouldn’t have to watch her sister raise her son. When tragedy strikes the Carter family, Mallory has a second chance to be part of her son’s life. The bitterness begins to heal and she opens her heart to her twelve-year old son, Samuel, and to his uncle, Brady Donaldson. Then the unthinkable happens. Will she lose her son a second time?

Stay tuned for more.

Some of you may remember when my novel, Beauty for Ashes, went on a 14-day blog tour with Celebrate Lit, a fun two weeks where bloggers shared news about my book including reviews, highlights, and interviews. It was an awesome experience where Beauty for Ashes blogs reached 248,908 readers, 151,367 Facebook views, and 4,772 Twitter views.

Since then, I made application and have been accepted as a Celebrate Lit blogger. That means that I’ll read a book that’s on tour and share it on this very blog site. I hope to read one per month. Look for my first review to post in November. Perhaps you’ll find your next book club selection!

Speaking of book clubs, I am available to ZOOM, FaceTime, or Facebook with any book clubs who choose one of my novels for their monthly selection. I love meeting new people and talking about characters I’ve created. Just contact me via the link on this website.

Happy fall as we welcome cooler temperatures, the beautiful colors of autumn, and everything pumpkin.



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