How to enter

1. Answer the question – this ensures real people are entering! Please answer the question in the multiple-choice drop-down section within the giveaway app NOT in the comments below the post. 🙂

2. You will then be asked for your FIRST name and email address.

3. Search for email and confirm entry (check your ‘spam’/’junk’ folders). *** Entrants keep forgetting this step and so don’t see the email telling them they’re a winner.

4. THEN you’ll be able to click back to the giveaway and see 24 ways to gain additional entries and your LUCKY URL to share and gain even more entries. When you click on the ‘follow X on BB’ – you actually have to go to the link and then click ‘follow’ i.e. the giveaway app doesn’t do the task for you!

For more information about each author and their books, visit their websites:

Michelle Massaro,

Brenda S Anderson,

Kathleen Neely,

Carolyn Miller,

Christine Dillon,

Carol Ashby,

Linda K Rodante,

Elizabeth Musser,

Sharon Srock,

Sharon Garlough Brown,

Roseanna White,

Jennifer Rodewald,

Victoria Bylin,

Valerie Howard,

Dana McNeely,

Tessa Afshar,

Cindy Williams

Robin Lee Hatcher

I am now running this giveaway twice each year (Easter and October).

The way I have chosen to run these giveaways is quite different from most giveaways. Firstly, you can choose what you sign up for and are not automatically subscribed to each authors’ newsletter. Secondly, prize winners do not ‘scoop the pool.’ Instead, there are multiple prizewinners who have, so far, always received a book of their choice. That is, the first winner gets the first choice (of two books) … until all the books are distributed. We hope that way to spread the joy and allow winners to have a book that they are keen to read and not one they already have.