Hello Friends,

I’m not sure why I haven’t posted in so long. COVID has certainly given me time. I’ll take a few minutes to catch up, and hope you’ll do the same. Like most people, I’ve grown accustomed to sticking close to home. Due to my health issues (you all know I have PD) we’ve been very cautious. I still haven’t returned to church, although I anxiously tune in to Fellowship Greenville’s streaming each week. I’m thankful for the way my church has handled the difficulties of Coronavirus.

A few other things I haven’t done–I have not returned to restaurants, although we do take-out weekly. I haven’t gotten a haircut. My husband has, and I intended to. But the more I put it off, the more I decided not to have it cut. I probably will eventually, but thought it might be fun to see it grow. I have not returned to Rock Steady Boxing. It sounds like they’ve done a great job of putting procedures in place, but a gym is not in my comfort zone quite  yet. Miss you, my fellow Boxers!  However, my wonderful neighbor loaned me the heavy bag that was idle in their garage. My husband groaned slightly but went to work hanging it. I now do my stretches with a video and box with another video–although the coach is miles ahead of my ability. I do one set to his three with half of the zing to my punch.

We said good-bye to a huge oak tree and hello to a new patio. It required moving a palm tree but the palm is standing tall and proud on the side. I enjoy coffee on the patio in the morning. If our southern heat would cooperate, we would appreciate more outside time.

We self-isolated for two weeks before heading north to see my sweet grandchildren. They are all staying home so we felt safe to hug. Words can’t describe the joy of hugging them. Here are some highlights. Before going, we cut dinosaur bones from cardboard. After going on a expedition to unearth them in their playground, we erected this 3-D puzzle. Confession–it was 80% grandpa, 20% kids. Two grandson funnies–both boys pick up their toy cell phones, announce that they’re on a work call, and close themselves in the sun-room. Can you tell their parents are working from home? Here’s my last grandson highlight. Camden, my music lover, announced that he no longer had a drum. (He played it hard) I immediately went to Amazon, thankful for Prime delivery. When it arrived, his face lit like lightning. After gracing us with his rock-style rhythm, my three year old sweetheart proclaimed, “Now that’s what I call a drum!” Be still my heart.

I signed a contract for True North, my next novel. I’m far from a release date, but I’ll be sure to let you know. That’s a lot of writing about nothing. Please do the same and let me know how you have been dealing with our new lifestyle. I  hope you’re reading!

May the Lord bless you and keep you!


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