Hello Friends,

How are you handling Coronavirus isolation? I’d love to tell you that my time has been spent cleaning my house and organizing closets and drawers. As much as I love sparkling, lemon-scented bathrooms, that hasn’t been the focus of my time. I’ve been reading and writing.

If you are like me and love to lose yourself in the pages of a book, here’s some exciting news. Between June 1 – 15, my three novels will be available in digital format for $0.99 each. You can order them through any venue that provides digital.

Pelican Book Group

Barnes and Noble


To order from this website, click the tab for BOOKS and you will see a BUY NOW link for each novel. This will take you to the book on Amazon.

If you’ve read one, this is the perfect time to pick up the other two. You’ve already read them all? Did you know that you can gift an e-book to a friend? All you need is their e-mail address.

So, what can you buy for under a dollar?

  • Candy bar
  • McDonald’s cup of coffee
  • Bubbles
  • Air for your car’s tire
  • Half a gallon of gas

Or—hours of reading relaxation. Order yours today. Send one to a friend. Spread the news of the sale.



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