The Street Singer Scavenger Hunt. Come join the fun!

Day 1: What was the name of Adda’s youngest sibling?

Day 2: What friend helped Trisha begin cleaning out her grandfather’s house?

Day 3: What was the name of Trisha’s cat?

Day 4: What small North Carolina town did Grant and Trisha visit?

Day 5: What did Grant buy Trisha for a graduation gift?

Day 6: What is the name of the apartment complex where Adda sings and stores her equipment?

Day 7: What did Rusty say was his favorite book?

Day 8: Name three items in the gift basket that Trisha found on her dining room table.

Day 9: What was the name of the record company that Ernie Gillen founded, and his son now runs?

Day 10: Who did Trisha and Adda hope to find when they traveled to Greenville?

Everyone loves a treasure box. Adda kept her memories in an old cardboard box labeled Things to Remember. Now’s your chance to win a box of Street Singer treasures, along with a $25 Amazon gift card. This box may not look rugged like Adda’s did, but oh, the treasures it holds. Everything inside is a memory of Trisha and Adda’s story.

Beginning Monday, March 11, I will post a question each day for ten days. The answers can be found in the pages of The Street Singer. Answer one correctly for a chance to win the Give-Away box of treasures. Answer all ten questions correctly and you’ll have ten entries. Sign up for my website to receive news and updates and you will receive a bonus entry. That’s eleven chances to win.

Questions will be posted, one each day from March 11 – 20. They will appear on my website, Facebook, and Twitter. Don’t answer in the ‘comments’ section. Answers should come through messenger or my website contact tab. Don’t take the chance of missing a question on social media. Check the website daily beginning March 11th for that day’s question. All answers must be sent in by midnight EST on March 20. Get your copy today so you’ll be ready for the scavenger hunt. For sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Pelican Book Group. One grand prize winner will receive The Street Singer—Things to Remember box. Two second place winners will receive a gift item that is a memory from the story. Winners will be chosen by Random Number Generator and will be notified on Friday, March 22.

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