Restoring Fairhaven, by Carolyn Miller

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Book Blurb:

Love hurts, or so the songs say, so who wants it?

Taking on her ailing father’s gardening business on Merriweather Island, Samantha Green only wants to escape her ex and to make her father proud.

But Sam gets more than she bargained for when Greener Gardens accepts the job of restoring the gardens of a reclusive writer, Max Fairhaven, whose historical novels about romance and unrequited love litter bookstore shelves and movie marquees all over the world.

Max much prefers the fictional world to the real, and the gardening girl’s interruptions means he’s driven from his writing cave far too often for his liking.

How’s he supposed to craft stories with her distracting him all the time?

Things change when he learns something of Sam’s family challenges, and his admiration slowly kindles. With his secretary’s goading, he’s forced to confront the past, while facing the fact that he needs to change in order to avoid a lonely future.

Gentle pruning and a whole lot of banter forges a friendship between this not-so-Southern belle landscaper and the half-British author. But is their budding attraction enough to grow into a flourishing happily-ever-after?

Restoring Fairhaven is the final “Merriweather book,” but don’t forget to embark on a tour of the next island in this series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.

Kathy’s Review:

If you enjoy contemporary romance, don’t miss Restoring Fairhaven. When her father suffers a heart attack, Samantha Green returns home to take over the management of Greener Gardens, the family landscaping business. Recovering from an abusive relationship, she has no desire to let another man into her heart.

Max Fairhaven’s beachfront estate has been neglected since his wife’s death three year’s ago. When Greener Gardens is offered the job of restoration, Samantha jumps at the opportunity. Her client is a world renown author whose work has been made into movies numerous times.

Samantha is less than impressed with his gruff, forthright manner and refuses to allow him to bully her. Her quick responses often demonstrate the author’s gift of amusing dialogue. As the layers start to peel away, Samantha begins to see the real Max Fairhaven.  

Throw in some troubling news regarding her father’s health and some threatening phone calls and Carolyn Miller’s Restoring Fairhaven proves to be an interesting story. I enjoyed it very much. 

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