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The Cost of Freedom

Hello friends, I was going to post a Fourth of July blog, a reminder of the debt we owe to our founding fathers and those since then who have paid the cost for our freedom. Instead, I decided to let an award-winning book say it for me. If you haven’t read Flowers From Afghanistan by Suzy...

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Book Signing

I will be in beautiful downtown Greenville on Saturday, July 20 at M. Judson Booksellers signing copies of The Street Singer, Beauty for Ashes, and The Least of These. Plan a day at the downtown farmers' market, and stop in to say...

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Thank you – Your Reviews Matter

Do you know that after reaching 25 reviews, Amazon will include an author in their "also bought" suggestions? After approximately 50 reviews, Amazon will include an author in their recommendations "based on your genre preferences, you might like..." Thank you to all who have left reviews on...

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The Struggle for Humility

“I love writing but hate marketing.” I hear those words from many authors. I didn’t pay them much heed because, up until recently, I was only writing. But writing leads to publication. Publication leads to marketing. Marketing leads to self-promotion. To further exasperate that situation, I’ve...

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It’s a Party

SAVE THE DATE: TUESDAY, MAY 28 FROM 6:30 - 8:00 pm EDT Join me to celebrate two book releases. Beauty for Ashes released on April 26, and The Least of These is now available for pre-sale. It comes out on May 31st. So dress in your most comfy PJ's, fix a cup of tea, and join me online. There...

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The Least of These

The last four months have been a whirlwind for me. The Street Singer launched in February. Beauty for Ashes was just released the end of April, and I'm preparing again for another. The Least of These is available for pre-sale, and will release on May 31st. When I heard Charles Martin speak, he...

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Beauty for Ashes is now available

If you pre-ordered your copy of Beauty for Ashes, it should arrive in your e-mail today. If you didn't pre-order, you can secure a copy now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Pelican Book Group. Print copies are available through Pelican. Please remember to post a review to Amazon, Goodreads,...

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The Journey from Christmas to Easter

If a survey question asked, “What is your favorite holiday?”, I suspect that Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving would hold first place for Americans. If you placed Christmas at the top of your list, you’d probably be in a strong majority. Afterall, it overflows with tradition, cultural...

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Beauty for Ashes – an Easter Message

On April 26, my novel titled Beauty for Ashes will be released. You’ll read a story about Nathan and Angie, debilitating guilt, and the far-reaching consequences of actions. The title comes from Isaiah 61 where the prophet shares God’s promise to the poor, the brokenhearted, the captives. those...

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I’m a book lover and enjoy creating stories for the heart. You can learn a little of my story HERE.








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