Thanks for stopping by my website. Friends call me Kathy, but if you’re searching for my books, use Kathleen.


Why I write –

I’ve been a book lover for as long as I can remember. Somewhere along that journey, I heard a story in my mind and made a feeble attempt to get it on paper. As a full-time working mother, writing just didn’t fit my schedule. Many years passed before that changed. With my family grown, my nest empty, and my years of serving as an elementary principal ending, I dug out my half-written manuscript and began to clean it up. With time on my hands, I discovered a new passion.

All writers approach their craft differently. For me, I see movies in my mind. When I’m busy with mundane tasks, I often have the next scene working itself out in my brain. Characters spring to life. Joy, fear and grief pierce my heart. I’ve even been known to cry when reading scenes that I’d written.


Family is one of God’s masterpieces.


My Husband

Family is so important to me. Let’s start with my husband. I married Vaughn Neely at the young age of twenty-two. Vaughn is an oak tree – strong, solid, unshakeable. He provides sacrificial love and support in all phases of my life. From mother to teacher, from teacher to principal, from principal to writer. Every transition has been supported with love.


My Sons

I have three sons, Brian, Stephen, and Darren. Here’s a challenge for you—find which of my books has a secondary character named after each of them. A friend once gave me one of those little metal pins, the kind used for campaign buttons. It said, “I can do anything. I have sons.” Those were busy years filled with activity. Baseball, football, basketball, youth group, bicycles. How quickly they transitioned to driving lessons and college visits.

Today they are three fine, young men. I’m so proud of their character, compassion, and work ethic. God had a plan for them and blessed me by allowing me to be part of it.



I had no daughter during those years of a male-dominated home, and God saw fit to send me a daughter-in-law. Brittney came into our lives and suddenly I wasn’t the lone female. She brought light, joy, and laughter. I admire her ability to slide right into our wacky family and fit perfectly.



Brittney has brought numerous blessings to the Neely family, but the greatest is Declan and Camden, joy of my heart. There’s no greater sound than the excited voice of a grandchild calling, “GamMa.” I pray daily that they will grow to be strong men of God, hearing His voice and following after Him.


My Sisters

A few years ago, I had a joyful delight. After living in three different states, my sisters relocated to Greenville. I like to say that I have sisters by birth and sisters by choice. Hopefully you’ll never know which is which, because my heart just has sisters. Marcia, Sandy, and Sue are also secondary characters in a book. I won’t challenge you to find which book since it’s still in the hands of my agent.


Furry Family

Tucker joined our family about six years ago. He’s a lab / hound dog mix. I call him my gentle giant. He’s calm and unassuming, unless there’s a thunder storm. Murphy, our bobtail cat, is proud and will greet you with disinterest until he’s sure you’re trustworthy. Then he’ll purr his way onto your lap. Chester—what can I say about this little whirlwind. He’s not a proud, aloof cat. He’ll unashamedly beg for food and attention.

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